ACTI-Mag Fertilisers

ACTI-Mag™ is a highly concentrated and organic source of Magnesium, an essential nutrient in fertilisers for soil conditions with Mg deficiency where a slow release is preferred.


ACTI-Mag™ is produced from magnesite and dolomite which are finely ground and flash calcined using through the CFC15000, Calix's proprietary catalytic Flash Calcination process. This process produces a very high surface area powder which offers a fast release of nutrients to the soil.


  • Photosynthesis: Mg is the central element of the chlorophyll molecule;
  • Carrier of Phosphorus in the plant;
  • Magnesium is both an enzyme activator and a constituent of many enzymes;
  • Sugar synthesis;
  • Starch translocation;
  • Plant oil and fat formation;
  • Nutrient uptake control;
  • Increase Iron utilization;
  • Aid nitrogen fixation in legume nodules.

>> ACTI-Mag 100 DataSheet (.pdf)

>> ACTI-Mag MSDS (.pdf)

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