GROPhos™ Fertilisers

Innovative Bio-Friendly Fertilisers

All year around phosphate supply with a combination of soluble and slow release phosphate. GROPhos™ is a natural answer to the problem of soils having low P-availability.

USING GROPhos™ Fertilisers

GROPhos™ has one of the highest citrate soluble phosphate level available in the organic market. Made from naturally occurring rock phosphate deposits and it is flash calcined to allow the release of the citrate soluble phosphates. GROPhos™ is a microbiological friendly phosphate with a very high surface area to allow the remaining phosphate to become available. This product offers great value per unit of available phosphorus.

GROPhos™ Fertilisers BENEFITS

  • Extremely high citrate solubility of Phosphorus;
  • Very high surface area facilitates release of insoluble phosphorus;
  • Locally produced from natural phosphate rocks;
  • Combine rapid-release citrate soluble characteristics with slow release insoluble phosphorus to ensure adequate phosphate supply throughout the season;
  • Exceptional trace element minerals levels.

>> GROPhos DataSheet (.pdf)
>> GROPhos MSDS (.pdf)

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